CSC/CPE 430 Programming Languages I

Summer 2017


Tuesday, 1:40-3:00,
Thursday, 1:40-3:00,


Tuesday, 3:10-4:30,
Thursday, 3:10-4:30,

Lab Assignments:

Each lab class starts with an introduction by the instructor giving you a distinct assignment for each class. Because of this format, it is usually difficult for a student to catch up, if he or she has missed one of the lab sessions. If you have to miss a class, let me know early!

The final goal is to develop your own language and your own compiler as described in the following Problem:

The Programming Language BRUSH.


An implementation of the symbol table is found in the files: symtab.h and symtab.c.



A First Guide to PostScript by Peter J. Weingartner.
Thinking in PostScript by Glenn C. Reid.
the ultimate PostScript Language Reference by Adobe,
or a Short Summary of PostScript by me (also available in German: Kurze Zusammenfassung von Postscript).

Regular Expressions:

An Introduction to regular Expressions from the gawk manual in HTML oder PostScript.

Lexical Analyzer Generator flex:

The flex manual in HTML or PostScript.

Parser Generator bison:

The Bison Reference Manual in HTML oder PostScript.

Turtle Graphik und recursive Curves:

Some interesting remarks on Turtle-Graphic and the Dragoncurve by David J. Wright at

Some sample programs are: the dragon curve, the Koch snowflake, and variants of it: a quadratic version and a parameterized version. The last example generates treelike structures.

Further Manuals:

Many useful manuals for GNU/UNIX tools (for example make) you find at

Last not Least...

The Dragon Book:

Compilers, Principles,Techniques and Tools,
Addison Wesley.