Intercultural Aspects in Project Management
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Name Intercultural Aspects in Project Management
Verantwortlich Prof. Dr. Christian Greiner
Sprache(n) Englisch
Lehrform SU mit Übung
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Präsenzstudium: ca. 42 Std., Eigenstudium: ca. 108 Std.


In order to successfully pass this class you should have an understanding of business and IT-development processes as well as good English language skills. The course is open to Erasmus students as well as students from other departments who qualify as stated above (Courses in English).



  • to gain an understanding of the rationale underlying formal project management
  • to become familiar with the entire project life-cycle
  • to develop skills with project management techniques for planning and controlling projects

Acquired competences:

  • Take a global and multicultural perspective to project management
  • Understand and manage the interplay between people, technologies and organizations that underlies project management
  • Understand, manage and control project risk and security
  • Understand the impact of social, economic, legal, and ethical issues on project management in organizations
  • Attributes of a project
  • Constraints on project objectives
  • Project life cycle
  • Project management phases
  • The project management process
  • Project management techniques
  • Project schedule control
Medien und Methoden

Veranstaltungsspezifische Website, Moodle, Tafel und Folien (Powerpoint)


Required Reading: Information Technology Project Management 6th Edition by Kathy Schwalbe ISBN: 978-0-324-78692-7

Project Management Institute website:

Weitere siehe Veranstaltungsseite im Internet

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