International Management II
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Name International Management II
Verantwortlich Prof. Dr. Paul Sudnik
Sprache(n) Englisch
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Präsenzstudium: ca. 42 Std., Eigenstudium: ca. 108 Std.


The course builds on International Management I seminar.


The teaching objectives synthesize the theoretical aspects of international management objectives and M&A with practical application of management principles in a work environment.

To build on the principles of international management and apply the concept in case studies and project assignments.

To understand the use of general management skills and concepts in conducting international operations and to integrate the principles of management, marketing, accounting, and finance to successfully manage M&A transactions.

To become aware of how different national cultures directly and indirectly influence the management and the evaluation of businesses in various countries.

To include the concept of Mergers and Acquisitions in the strategic framework of global and multinational companies.

To recognize various differences and similarities between the management techniques and systems of European organizations and the organizations of other nationalities.


This course focuses on international business strategies and the process, difficulties, and opportunities of management across borders through Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A).

Mergers and acquisitions activity over the last 10 years has run at unprecedented level. Moreover, M & As are a key element of many European firms´ business strategies to maximize value and create sustainable competitive advantage. Yet many acquisitions fail. Deals that were supposed to create value for the organization end up destroying value. Why ? Acquisitions are complex and are difficult to execute and manage successfully. How you will benefit by the course: Gain an understanding of why acquisitions success and fail. Understand why successful mergers or acquisitions require an accurate structure (planning), a comprehensive strategy, and an understanding for cultural diversity.

Medien und Methoden

Text readings, case studies, discussions, and presentations. In class activities students will analyze corporate actions, successes and failures, strategy effectiveness, profit results, in view of corporate objectives.

  • Peng, Mike, Global Business, International Edition 1e, ISBN-13: 9780324585940, ISBN: 0324585942, Published by South Western, 2009.
  • Strategic Management in Action (5th Edition) by Coulter, Mary 5th (fifth) Edition [Paperback(2009)]
  • Reference Materials: Corporate Annual Reports, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, The Economist
  • Class Handouts and other business publications
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